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Market and trends

The demand for leisure activities in the great outdoors is still strong in large parts of the population.

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The government is also promoting this demand through various initiatives and programmes. Today, more than ever, the ecological aspect plays a role: outdoor recreation should be in harmony with the basic idea of protecting the natural basis of life for future generations.

However, economic conditions have become less favourable and as a result, federal, state and local budgets and the incomes of many farmers have fallen.

This is one of the reasons why farmers, municipalities and other landowners are increasingly looking for alternatives for the economic use of their potentials (more precisely: their land) also outside the traditional use such as agriculture, commercial areas, housing or forestry. The establishment of farm shops, farm cafés and camping facilities, offers such as "holidays on the farm" and riding stables are expressions of these efforts. Municipal leisure facilities such as nature playgrounds, nature trails or animal parks also correspond with this trend. Citizens are increasingly looking for recreation close to nature at affordable prices. The state wants to ensure the sustainability and resource-saving use of nature.

The establishment of a leisure facility with the elements SwinGolf, FootballGolf and gastronomy offers an attractive possibility to harmonize the interests of these three groups (landowner - citizen - state). If, in addition, a weather-independent offer is found (e.g. pool ball), such an arrangement opens up an economic perspective for the operators. Consumers are offered a diversified and inexpensive recreational opportunity. The state regards such nature-oriented facilities with goodwill and sometimes even supports them financially.

More than 80 SwinGolf facilities throughout Europe - almost 40 of them in Germany - have been opened since 1982. This success documents not only that SwinGolf is gaining more and more acceptance among the population, but also that committed facility operators are economically successful with an attractive offer. The requirements for potential operators are:

Disposal (ownership or lease) of suitable land - min. 5 ha (50.000 m²) for 9 holes up to approx. 10 ha (18 holes) plus areas for buildings (gastronomy with sanitary facilities, service buildings, parking lots etc.) and infrastructure

  • "Service mentality" (especially: "host mentality")
  • Willingness to invest / financing possibilities
  • Commercial knowledge and marketing orientation

Since the impact on nature when setting up SwinGolf and soccer golf facilities is minimal and the "deconstruction" in the first few years is easy, SwinGolf combines the interests of ecology and economy in an almost ideal way.

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