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Training tips

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SwinGolf is easy to learn and everyone can play a round of golf after a bit of practice. Like anywhere, however, there are a number of players who want to master "their" sport even better. Here are a few tips for these ambitious ones:

Keep your posture: a stable swing is the key to success.

Hit the ball with the arms stretched and a loose wrist: this will give you maximum leverage and thus the best possible flight path for the ball. It is also advantageous to have a calm, stable position of the head during the entire swing. Keep your eyes on the ball during the swing and at the moment of impact and swing loosely and evenly "through" the ball. Even after the stroke you should stand firmly and not "fly after" the ball with your entire body.

From the tee shot to the green: the right strategy is crucial!

As in many sports, it is important to deal with the external conditions. Therefore, you should include the "terrain" in your considerations:

  • How do I avoid a tree or a water hazard on my way to the flag?
  • Is it downhill or uphill so do I have to hit it weaker or stronger?
  • Is the green level or sloped? How will the ball roll?
  • Do I prefer to take a penalty shot instead of "hitting wildly in the bushes"?
  • Is it wet and cold or warm and dry? How do the club and ball behave in different weather conditions?

With a little reflection and skill, you can often reach your goal more easily than with muscle and sheer willpower.

Above all: stay loose and relaxed. Enjoy this wonderful sport in the great outdoors with family and friends!

If you want to know more, we recommend the SwinGolf-DVD.

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