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SwinGolf Rules

SwinGolf is an uncomplicated, easy-going-sport for the whole family.

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However, in order to make the game pleasant and stress-free for everyone, there are some rules that must be followed.

These rules are subdivided in:

Rules of conduct

This organizes the behavior of the players among each other.

  • Safety
    Safety is the top priority at SwinGolf. Because of the soft ball the risk of accidents is quite low, but nevertheless every player is asked to be careful and not to endanger other players.
  • Consideration / Politeness
    As in everyday life, this applies also to SwinGolf: politeness and consideration are the main focus. This applies not only to the behaviour towards the other players, but also to the handling of the course and the material.
  • Speed of play
    SwinGolf is an "easy-going" sport, but of course there are differences in the abilities of the individual players. Therefore: play as fast as possible and let faster groups play thru if necessary.

Simplified rules of the game

  • The aim of the game is to play the ball from the tee-box to the flag and into the hole with as few strokes as possible.
  • Before a stroke, each player must make sure that there is no person within striking distance on his fairway or standing behind or beside him in the immediate vicinity (risk of injury!).
  • To keep the players of a group (max. 4 players) together, it is always the player's turn who is furthest away from the flag.
  • A player can declare his ball "unplayable" at any point of the course (e.g. under bushes, behind trees, outside the field, etc.). In this case he can either move his ball by 2 club lengths without getting nearer to the flag. Alternatively, he can hit again from the point from which he has moved his ball into the "unplayable" position. The player receives one penalty point.
  • On his own fairway (but not in the rough, out of bounds or on any other fairway), the ball may be replaced within 15 cm before each stroke.
  • Beginners are allowed to play from the tee at every shot (except on the green). However, in official tournaments, the tee may only be used for the tee-shot.
  • The winner is the player with the lowest sum of shots for the round of 9 or 18 holes. It is excellent if you stay below the target number (PAR).

Specific course rules

Each course is created individually and therefore has special local rules that are only valid at that location. For example, it can be about bringing animals, hints are given about special characteristics of the course or even crossing agricultural roads is explained. Hints about nature conservation are also given here often.

  • Introduction on site
    On every good course, players receive a short training on the technique, rules and safety before the start. So you fully enjoy SwinGolf in harmony with nature and the other players.
  • Important note:
    This is only a short overview of the most important rules of SwinGolf. Further information on rules, safety and playing technique can be obtained at any good SwinGolf course, from the SwinGolf-Dachverband e.V. or at:
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