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Only after two or three years of operation it becomes apparent whether a SwinGolf-/Football Golf facility is not only an enrichment of the region, but also whether the desired and necessary economic goals will be achieved in the long run. SwinGolf-Deutschland GmbH supports the operators in their efforts with a variety of proven and effective programs and activities:

Conferences & Trainings

Valuable knowledge transfer and exchange of experience takes place through regular conferences with facility operators and experts. Helpful networks are also formed.

Practical training

Facility operators also have to master "their" sport and know the rules. For this purpose, regular lessons with qualified trainers are held.

Travel / Voyage du Swin

How do the others do it? Looking beyond the horizon often provides important insights for your own business. At regular intervals, we organize trips to SwinGolf courses at home and abroad.

Marketing / Sponsorship concepts

From a business management point of view, the development of an effective marketing- and sponsorship concept is an important component for every facility. We will develop a tailor-made programme with you.

Economic-viability analysis

Cause-related allocation of revenues and costs, comparative studies, process optimization: only reliable data guarantees a solid decision-making process. Based on empirical evidence and considering your specific circumstances, we determine your key figures and provide the basis for future decisions.

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