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Leisure & Sport for everyone!

Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad and the kids: SwinGolf is fun for the whole family!


Important notice:
Please be sure to check the status and opening hours before visiting a course.

What is SwinGolf?

Just like traditional golf, SwinGolf is about using a club to move a ball over a course into a hole. A course consists of 9 or 18 holes, not unlike traditional golf: there is the tee-area, the fairway and the green with the hole. However, there are differences: for example, only one single universal club with three hitting surfaces is used for all shots. The length of the fairways is much shorter (50 to a maximum of 300 metres), and the ball is slightly larger and softer and therefore less dangerous.

The holes are also a joy for every player: with the diameter of a pizza it is much easier to hole up here. At SwinGolf, there are only 9 rules in total and they are enough to guarantee untroubled playing pleasure. The courses are laid out on meadows or fields with manageable work and expenditure. SwinGolf is easy to learn. Young and not so young, families, school classes, bicycle clubs, senior teams: after a short instruction the game starts. No permit, no handicap, no club membership and no checked trousers: just come and play. There is always time to relax: before, during and after the game you can enjoy a cool drink or a cup of cappuccino.

Never played SwinGolf before?

Check now where the next SwinGolf course is located!

SwinGolf in brief

  • Origin
    Was invented in France in the early 1980s. Since the late 1990s also in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Now also in other European countries.
  • Locations
    Approx. 70 courses in Germany and France, 6 in Switzerland and 4 in Austria and Belgium.
  • Prices
    Per round approx. € 9-13. Equipment can be rented at the facilities. Own club about € 90.
  • Access
    Anyone between 8 and 88. No limit. Brief instruction and there you go.
  • Status
    Motto: Fun with friends.

Football Golf

Here, too, a simple principle: A football is played over a field with obstacles into a target - usually a hole. The player who needs the fewest ball contacts wins.

Game, sport and fun for everyone from 5 years on.

Many SwinGolf facilities have now also set up football golf courses: So everyone will find something to enjoy.


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