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SwinGolf club "Swin 5"

The Swin 5 offers a variety of stroke possibilities.

Price: € 105

Ingenious: With its 3 sides and differently slanted hitting surfaces it offers a variety of stroke possibilities: high, wide, flat, chip, putt - simply Swin 5!

Innovative: The club head is open at the bottom. This not only makes it easier to pick up balls in, but also the weight distribution between shaft and head is optimally balanced. In addition, angled transverse grooves on the clubface provide a high degree of control. For the player this means precision and length with a high level of playing comfort.

Elegant: slim design, noble optics, high quality. Individual design possible through coloured grips. Infos here

Product features:

Orders and enquiries by phone on +49.541.977 650 26 or by e-mail to

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