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SwinGolf club "Swin 3"

The Original SwinGolf club

Price: € 105

The "Swin 3" is available as a right- or left-handed model.

Noble design: graphite shaft with polished club head made of hardened aluminium.

The three-sided club head allows a variable game: wide, high, low or putt. The result is a high degree of playing pleasure and precision. Right-handed or left-handed clubs: Lengths 80 cm to 105 cm (see also the overview body height / club length)

The advantages of the graphite shaft are obvious:

  • Higher flexibility and therefore more length and accuracy
  • Vibration dampening and therefore easy on the joints
  • Highly flexible shaft means less risk of breakage
  • Weight reduction through light, stable materials
  • Clubhead made of hardened, polished aluminium. Left, steep side: for long, low shots or for controlled approach to the green. Right, flat side: for higher, short shots
  • Back: for precise putting
  • Weight: app. 340 grams
  • With grip "basic black" or individual grip (see also the overview body size / club length) infos here.

Orders and enquiries by phone on +49.541.977 650 26 or by e-mail to

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