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SwinGolf club "Swin Multi"

The "flexible one".

Prices: from € 295

Different playing situations require a multifunctional club. Whether it's a precise tee shot, a sensitive approach to the flag or accurate putting: the SwinMulti combines all these features in one model - and that for right- and left-handers.

Unique: by simply replacing it, the optional interchangeable shaft makes it possible to adjust to different weather or course conditions.

The high-quality, handcrafted club-head adjusts in 6-degree increments for a total of 360 degrees. A 10-step marked adjustment-scale makes it easy for players to repeat the adjustment quickly and accurately.

Another highlight is the dimpled club-surface. It does not only give the SwinMulti an unmistakable design, but also gives the swingolfer an excellent ball control and a unique feedback at the moment of impact.


  • from € 295 (model "Basic")
  • from € 350 (model "Premium")
  • Interchangeable shaft: from € 135 

The SwinMulti is available in two weight classes:

  • "Standard" (total weight of approximately 415 grams, for powerful players:in)
  • "Lite" (total weight of only approx. 390 grams, for graceful players:inside)

The special features at a glance: 

  • Suitable for left- and right-handed players
  • 3 hitting surfaces for full ball-control in every playing situation
  • Clubhead made of anodized, matte aluminum with 360-degree adjustment, with marked 10-step adjustment scale
  • Full feedback at the moment of impact
  • Weight: "Standard": approx. 415 grams, "Lite" approx. 390 grams
  • Handle / shaft: 
    • Model "Basic" shaft Geotech 6R / grip Basic black
    • Model "Premium": shaft UST Proforce V2 / grip Winn DriTac or Lamkin Crossline. Info about grips here
  • Club length: 90 to 105 cm (see also overview body size / club length)
  • Model "Premium": Individual configuration of head shaft and grip, tailored to the player ("Made-to-Order")

Orders and inquiries under Tel.: +49 (0)541 / 97765026 or by e-mail to

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